Do you know how your lights affect the look and feel of your home? Do they provide enough light to allow you to see everything you need? Do they evenly distribute the light around a given room? These are all things to consider when purchasing or installing new lighting. Check out our post for more information.

The Importance of Lighting For Your Home: What You Should Know When Purchasing Or Installing Lights, Explained!

There are many factors related to interior design, but one which is often overlooked is lighting. Achieving just the right amount and quality of lighting can have a significant impact on how good a space feels as well as its level of safety.

What you must do?

  1. Keep your surroundings clean.
  2. Lighting should never be used to mask poor workmanship in the home.
  3. Lighting should not be used where food is prepared and then handled by someone who is not competent in food preparation, such as a chef.
  4. Lighting should not be used where women are working or dressing as if they are preparing to go out anywhere in particular – ie, a hairdresser’s room, a beauty salon etc.
  5. Lighting should be used for the purpose intended and not to enhance low-class activities.

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